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'I feel compelled to write to you all to give you some feedback on our Chadwick oven, purchased back in August as a gift to my husband for his 50th birthday and him to me. We have deliberated for 5 years as to whether to invest in a Chadwick. The first time we ever tried Chadwick pizza was when a friend, formerly a home economics teacher for special needs children, cooked for us 'the' most delicious pizza we've ever eaten on her tiny cooker in Brixton. Among other flavours she served Taleggio cheese, paper thin slices of wax potatoes and fresh rosemary. We swooned at the mouthwatering quality of her pizza - thin, crispy and moorish - and we were sold.  Until we saw the Harrods price tag.  We just couldn't justify the expense.  Would we really use this kitchen gadget enough to warrant such a big layout?  Well, our big regret is that we didn't invest in one 5 years ago.  We have three children under 11 years of age, we eat pizza every Friday night and whether it's pizza from our local French artisan pizza van man (sounds terrible but his pizza's are very good) or the local supermarket we spend at least £30-40 each week on pizza. But now we've mastered our dough recipe and our toppings, nobody's pizza comes anywhere close to being as delicious as ours. Served instantly at our table, super hot, and the children love making their own so everyone gets involved. Pizza night is still Friday night in our house and I estimate that our Chadwick will have paid for itself by the New Year.

It is an impressive piece of kit - outstanding functional design and a thing of beauty.  Well worth the investment.'                                                                                                                          
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Sarah Roberts - Sussex


'We took delivery of this astonishing oven yesterday. I must confess this was tinged with the feeling that I had spent money on an expensive folly. My fears evaporated after the evening where it produced magical pizzas. There is no doubt that this is a remarkable piece of kit. Genius.'

Keith Thomas – Poulton-Le-Fylde

“I love my Chadwick beyond reason - got it hanging in the kitchen like a beautiful arty flying saucer. Seriously amazing - top pizza in 4 minutes, and transforms shop-bought ones too. Paid for itself quickly too!”

Lisa Markwell – London

“We have a Chadwick Oven -  it's amazing. Just be warned if you get one then pizzas in restaurants are never as good! The oven cooks the toppings so quickly that they hold their flavours and are delicious. The design is great, we have ours hanging on the kitchen wall when we are not using it. Highly recommend.”

Colin Smith - Gloucestershire


“Thanks to the Chadwick oven I won't be having takeaways ever again! Best pizzas ever, had them for four nights this week.... Just cannot resist!!!!”

Harrie Adams – London

"The oven is amazing - love it! I'm regarded as a bit of a pizza expert have been making pretty good pizza for years, so my friends and family say. I have tried most methods before and other than building a cob oven and firing it up for several hours nothing can compare to the first one out of the new Chadwick Oven. Also really easy to make the best pitta ever, something I've never been able to do before."

Dave Cockcroft - Stroud


“My mother in law just sent me one of these from the UK to Australia - a cracking birthday present! I am absolutely loving it – it’s a rare thing when someone delivers a product that matches the reviews and the hype. I’m often left wanting and am frequently underwhelmed by modern gadgetry but the Chadwick Oven is a diamond in a sea of stones.”

John Laurie – Australia


"Read about the oven and brought one back to Bermuda from the UK, absolutely fantastic, everyone who has tried one of the pizzas cannot believe they are home made. A brilliant piece of engineering and fabulous looking to boot!"

Robert Johnston - Bermuda


"The oven is amazing, having such fun with it - all kinds of bread and baking"

Nigel Bloxham - Crabhouse Café - Wyke Regis near Weymouth and Portland


 "We're big fans of authentic Neapolitan pizza and, like many people, have been fantasising about building a wood-fired oven. Well done to you all for pulling off such a brilliant (and beautiful) product!"

Felix Marks - London


“[The Chadwick Oven pizza] was THE BEST PIZZA I’ve ever had. EVER. I’m an absolute pizza freak and have had one in most places around the world (I know that sounds snobby.) I went to New York’s oldest Pizzeria (apparently Americas first) a few weeks ago just before Christmas and that was good. But not as good as I had tonight. Mind blowingly good”

Chris – London / LA


"I purchased one of your ovens a few weeks ago, and I just wanted to let you know that we are very, very happy with the results. Learnt a lot the first night out! Can't wait for the next opportunity. Well done!"

Michael and Julie Brand - Keynsham


"Tuesday (for the grownups) and tonight (for the kids) we had absolutely delightful pizzas! So pleased with the oven… Every penny well worth it. "

Jacques Mirodatos - Hertford


"A beautifully designed invention producing fantastic pizza, what more could you ask for?"

Hannah Watson - London


"I'm not sure it’s the best simile but it made me think that cooking a pizza in one of your ovens is like giving pizza crust a shot of Viagra!"

 TJ Barker - London


"I received my oven today, much sooner than expected it to be shipped.  I used it this evening and am absolutely thrilled with the results.  Just like a wood fired pizza as promised.  Congratulations, you have a winner. Thanks very much." 


Kathryn Harper - Market Harborough


“Mr Chadwick, thank you so much for your invention. My family and I enjoy “your” pizzas very much.”

Jan-Willem Van Loon‎ - Netherlands


“We love our Chadwick and are really enjoying it, especially for a relaxed lunch with friends and it makes just the best naan bread”

Barbara Adams – Bristol


“It's the best invention after the wheel!!!”

                                                                                                Marjan Denbakker - Netherlands


The best looking item in my kitchen”

Jan van der Sluis – Netherlands


“It really is a fantastic kitchen device. The most quick, easy and tasty pizzas ever! Super!!”

Kees van der Meer - Netherlands


“Mr.Chadwick, you should have a nobel prize for your pizza oven.”

Joshua Vanwilligen – Netherlands


“Obsessed with these beautiful Pizza Ovens, amazing addition for summer BBQs”

Petersham Properties – London


“Best thing in my kitchen”

John Harland – Newcastle


“Another must have for the new geek kitchen”

John Maher – London


“Saw Tom Parker Bowles bit in Event + a review or two and ordered one for my Mum for Xmas. Makes great pizza.”

Andy Davison – London


“I'm in love...with an oven...not just any oven, the Chadwick Oven”

Rhianne Allsaint – Ibiza


“Love, love, love my Chadwick Oven”


Thane Prince – London